Come Hear North Carolina

Work Samples:

DISHOOM: Global Dance Party, Local Talent

Listen Local: The Pinhook

Artist Profile: Laila Nur of The Muslims

Artist Profile: Jonathan Byrd

Project Role: Producer/Videographer/Editor

Project description from

The roots of American music run deep in North Carolina. Musicians from North Carolina have made brilliant, groundbreaking contributions to many of America’s most important musical genres…The State of North Carolina, through the Department of Natural & Cultural Resources and the North Carolina Arts Council, launched Come Hear North Carolina after Governor Roy Cooper declared 2019 the North Carolina Year of Music.

In 2020 Come Hear North Carolina continues through:

  • North Carolina musician stages and sponsorships at festivals and venues across the state
  • Curated Music at the Mansion concert films
  • Exclusive multimedia music stories
  • Curated N.C. music stories from leading music writers
  • Curriculum development for N.C. Public Schools

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