Laura Casteel is an Emmy-nominated “shreditor” (video shooter/producer/editor) based in Durham, North Carolina. She primarily makes videos for the North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, but also works freelance, and is a former¬†Associate Producer for the PBS station UNC-TV. Her crowdfunding videos have contributed to successful campaigns on Kickstarter and Barnraiser, and her work with musicians has been featured in The Root, American Songwriter, NPR Live Sessions, and Rolling Stone.

Laura’s approach to storytelling is not just about telling, but “serving the story”–the story should dictate all aesthetic decisions and production methods. This results in authentic, emotionally resonant content that honors the subject’s integrity and elevates their voice. Her philosophy pulls from her training in both film studies and creative writing, which taught the importance of drawing a reader, or viewer, into a scene and keeping them there.

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“Our wonderful video was done by [Laura] and she is great! We couldn’t have been happier with the finished product.”

Mary DeMare, Owner, Fatty Owl Farm

“She has such an artistic eye and presents a nice, natural perception of her subjects.”

Joy Potts, Director of Children’s Media & Education Services, UNCTV

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